Completing Namaz

2 mai 2016
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    Stand up and repeat. After completing the first prayer repetition (rakah), which includes the movements and statements in Part 3, the entire prayer must be repeated 2-4 times. The number of times you repeat the prayer will depend on the prayer time. Check Part 1: Preparing for Namaz to see details about how many prayer repetitions you must do for the dhuhr (noon) prayer, asr (mid-afternoon) prayer, maghrib (sunset) prayer, isha (nightfall) prayer and subh or fajr (dawn) prayer.
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    Say the Tashahhud. When you have completed the 2nd prostration for your final prayer repetition, you must sit up and say the Tashahhud.The Tashahhud goes: “At-Tahiyyatul-mubarakat, as-salawatut-tayyibatu lillah. As­Salamu ^alayka ayyuhan-Nabiyyu wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh. As-Salamu ^alayna wa ^ala ^ibadillahis-salihin Ashhadu alla ‘ilaha illallah, wa ashhadu anna Muhammadar-Rasulullah.”

    • You are obligated to say, “Allahumma salli ^ala Muhammad.” after this.
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    End your prayer. Complete the prayer by looking at your right shoulder and telling the salaam, « Assalamu Alai’kumWarah’matullah. » Next, look at your left shoulder and recite the same. This closes your prayer and you have finished one of the obligatory 5 daily prayers.