How to Perform Namaz

The way to offer Salah is:

Preparing for Namaz

Know the proper prayer times. The five required prayer times for Sunni Muslims include the dhuhr prayer, asr prayer, maghrib prayer, isha prayer and subh or fajr prayer.

Purifying Yourself for Namaz

Rid your body of najas (filthy substances). According to Islam, substances such as urine, feces, blood, vomit, pus and other bodily fluids are filthy. These substances must be removed from your body.

Performing Namaz

Say your intention to yourself. Being clear about the act of worship that you will perform is imperative to practicing Namaz. Each of the 5 obligatory prayers require a certain number of repetitions,

Completing Namaz

Stand up and repeat. After completing the first prayer repetition (rakah), which includes the movements and statements in Part 3, the entire prayer must be repeated 2-4 times.

About Namaz

Importance Of Namaz
Here we are discussed about importance of Islam.

This is the loveliest religion in the world. Almighty Allah gives us with blessing to be born as a Muslim. We have a certain responsibilities to do here. Our God wanted us to pray in front of him and then I will release all of your worries. When you are praying to him he builds and arranges a special arrangement to listen human’s desires and problems. There are 5 pillars of Islam. Kalima, Namaz, Roza, Zakat and Hajj. If you are in the situation of Namaz then all the other duties are definitely fulfills. It is the most important aspect of our religion. Almighty Allah awarded our Holly Profit a gift of it on the Mi’raj and now it is our duty to follow this preaches of Hazrat Mohammad (SAWW). By doing this we can get everything which we want and rescue all of our tensions.

  • Fard Parts in the Prayer
  • Wajib Parts in the Prayer
  • Sunnat Parts in the Prayer
  • Mustahabb Parts in the Prayer

Steps of Salah

Prayer is a Muslim's Mairaj, or communication with Allah. Prayer purifies and cleans your mind five times a day, and serves to bring peace to your life.

Salah Video

Prayer Timings

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