Prepare for Salah

3 mai 2016

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Prepare for Salah. Preparing for prayer includes cleaning yourself, wearing clean clothes, and finding a clean and pure place to pray.

  • Perform the Wudhu, or the Ghusl, depending on your requirement. You must perform the Ghusl if you have had sexual intercourse, after discharge of any ‘sexual’ fluids, and after a woman has completed her menstrual cycle.
  • Wear clean clothes. Men should cover at least the part of their body between the navel and the knees, but it is preferable to wear a (preferably long sleeved) shirt.The lower garment must extend to below the knees, but must be above the ankles.
  • Pray in a clean place. The place where you pray must be clean and pure. If you are not sure whether the ground is clean or not, spread a clean cloth or prayer mat over it. Insure the area is not wet because it may contain urine.